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Stellar Soft Inc. helps you design and develop new applications while supporting and enhancing the existing applications to help you cope with the growing and changing needs of your business.

We have a dedicated IT recruiting team, specializing in consulting services and placement of experienced professionals. To keep pace with your ever changing requirements, we provide efficient and effective solutions.
We provide a suite of services to meet your business needs enabling full control and transparency over costs.

We at Stellar Soft Inc. specialize vertical niches in global industry through our ability to respond to our clients with custom solutions that resolve issues rather than conceal conceptual and architectural flaws with boiler-plate responses that never quite fit the client's need. Capability, ingenuity, response, and the commitment to excellence are the foundation of every Stellar Soft - Client relationship.

Competitive Edge

Our commitment to building and sharing of intellectual capital gives us the edge in providing quality service for our clients in today´s hyper-competitive, ever-changing business environment. We believe that continued business growth is based on the capability to provide highly qualified, customer-conscious, service-minded personnel who have passed a stringent set of selection criteria.

The primary objective of Stellar Soft is to save client time and money. We combine creative problem solving, innovative technologies and proven implementation skills to deliver the right solutions for your business. We enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.

World-class Staffing
We apply our knowledge of best-in-class technologies and business processes on the complete description of a project our unique combination of technical expertise, focused staffing model enable Stellar Soft to consistently provide the best consulting solutions for your technology staffing requirements. However our unique staffing models allow us to leverage business across all verticals that will positively impact your culture and environment.

Service By Industry
Stellar Soft combines deep industry knowledge and experience, offering a comprehensive set of business consulting services tailored to your needs and carried out by some of the IT industry's most trusted advisors to help your business succeed.

Service By Business
Our extensive knowledge in a variety of industries allows us to offer wide-ranging solutions that encompass the entire client value chain. Companies like yours can make real, measurable improvements with Stellar Soft smart and intelligent solutions.